Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to create a Button

I'm sure you've seen lots of blogs that have a button with a scrolling text box underneath that houses the button's code. This makes it easy for other people to place your blog's button on their blog and link effortlessly to you.

First you have to design your own button. Go to Photobucket and get a design. Your design size must be 100 x 75. Under your image you should see some HTML codes, copy the "Direct Link" codes and paste them in MSWord for later use.

Now grab my codes and change accordingly

Replace my "justmessingwithmyblog" with your blog address.

Replace my "
thrifster/kiss-1-1.jpg" with your Direct Link codes from Photobucket.

In Blogger under Layout, choose to add a gadget. Choose HTML/Javascript. In the title box, type something like "Get My Button". Now simply copy and paste the code into the text box. Save and position the button where you want it. Save your changes and view your blog.

Make sure that there is only one http:// before your web address and before the image web address. If you copy and paste you may need to delete an extra http:// in order for the code to work.

While you are here, grab my "Kissable Lips" so you can create your own button. Enjoy:)

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